Run Your Own Race

October is almost coming to a close. I know All of us may have different expectations, Yet one thing remains, although God is eager and ready to lead us through, our attitude certainly plays a big role in our fate. Will you be a pessimist who will live life in awareness of what went wrong last month and constantly fear the unknown and expect the worst? Will November only mean a change of a calendar for you or you will get up and fight against all odds? Will you be an optimistic? Will you get into the battlefield and get dirty fighting for your dreams and your purpose as opposed to sitting as a spectator and play critic to those chasing their dreams. Whatever you choose, remember that victory does not belong to the critics or the spectators, but to those who are part of the action, of the game, of the competition, it belongs to those who made an effort.

A friend once told me that life is about running like a horse. Hence,I recently jumped at the opportunity to watch The horse race at Meydan Race course in hope of observing how a horse runs its race.

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Take a moment and think about it, I’m not denying the fact that when a horse is racing it does race against other horses that may even be taller, fitter, faster etc. What is important is that when a horse gets to a race it forgets all these factors about other horses. During the race it does not look back at other horses or turn back to see which horse is behind it or which one has passed by. When a horse is running it only listens to its jockey, follows the track that its jockey directs it on. It does not stop along the way when it takes the last position. It runs diligently until the end. Interesting enough, at the end of the race, none of the horses look defeated. They all walk away with their dignity intact.


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Does the horse that lost the race go to its stable and sulk for the rest of the time? Absolutely not! Does it get jealous, I don’t think so? When trained for another race does it stop trying because it was previously defeated- certainly not! In fact it goes back to try again with a winning attitude and so much energy. What I mean by comparing human beings to horses is that we as human beings need to adapt the same attitude in life. Yes you are always going to have people running the race of life alongside you unless if you relocated to Mars.

Stop looking at what others are doing with their lives, what they have achieved and you haven’t. What they drive, what clothes they wear, what degrees they have or don’t have. This kind of comparison only leads to being discontent, bitter and angry. Other people’s achievements are not yours , celebrate with them genuinely but don’t compare yourself to them, you have your own unique race to run that is different from the next person.
Today the average life span is 25 550 days. don’t waste any of those days sulking over other people’s  talents, achievements , looks etc. Run your own race and listen to your “jockey” who in this case is God. Let Him direct you without you trying to leave your life’s track to copy someone else because you “prefer” that person’s life track.

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What if everything you try never works you may ask; I say keep trying, find a different way of doing what you failed in previously, try something completely new, go back to school, start your own business using your God given talents, collect the guts to ask her out, get that much deserved makeover, get an investment policy, start jogging every morning, walk away from toxic relationships, make new friends, find a new hobby, visit a different country, talk less and listen more ….. I could go on for ever but my point is if  you don’t wait for tomorrow, as long as its not a crime just do it! Last year I learnt that timid people wait for so long and hope for the apple to fall off the tree because they fear that climbing the tree is risky and they may fall and get laughed at or get badly hurt, while brave people climb the apple tree and pluck as many apples as they want from the tree.

Be bold in your actions , when you have prayed about something and you have peace in your heart that it is what God is leading you to do, stop over analyzing just go for it! Don’t care what the next person is doing with their life, it is their’s you need to focus on your own life and excel at it! Don’t worry about other people’s opinions about you remember they are entitled to their opinions and you entitled to not give a care what anyone says or thinks about you because people will always talk.  Make this the month where every single week you dare to do something out of the box, of the ordinary and by the end of this year you’ll be surprised how far you would have gone.

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If you are unhappy with your job make the decision to leave and find something better and more fulfilling to do, remember you should never work for money, money should work for you! If you don’t like your weight then stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it, you don’t like your physical features well get over yourself and work with what you have, after all you are God’s master piece and have His fingerprints all over you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made so don’t bore people with how much you hate your nose, how big your tummy is etc focus on your best features , your abilities , talents and excel in those. This is your year, go grab those opportunities and improve your relationship with others and God in the process.
Take care and keep shining. God loves you.


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