The Tale of a Procrastinator

Happy new week dream chasers!

I believe we have all been working very hard by being proactive and setting our goals for the fourth quarter of the year. Call me a pessimist, but I suspect some of us may not have done that, due to procrastination.

If you are a student, I can bet you that as long as social media platforms are your favorite way of ‘whiling up time’ then I’m afraid, you may be heading for disaster and chances are you wont complete your studies on record time. In high school my English teacher,used to joke about how towards preparation for final exams its “normal” to suddenly feel like the rose shrubs on your garden need some “trimming” and end up not getting any studying done at all, which proved to be true.
Later on when I went on to my first year in college; if i wasn’t caught busy procrastinating then i was caught busy “attempting” to study without actually getting down to any real studying and it came as no surprise when i had to resit for cost accounting exams all over again & my lesson was learnt.

When you wait until the last possible moment to complete a task it may result in less time to complete the task, therefore elevated stress levels. You may end up rushing to complete that task meaning it won’t be done properly, resulting in failure or mediocrity. Bear in mind that putting off an unimportant task isn’t always procrastination: it may just be good prioritization, as well as putting off an important task for a short period because you’re feeling sick or extremely tired. My point is that if you have a genuine valid reason for rescheduling something important you can be forgiven but if you’re simply “making an excuse” because you really just don’t feel like doing it, then you are indeed procrastinating.

If you’re still procrastinating because you find the task at hand very unpleasant, think about this for a moment –  unless have actually attempted the task ,you may actually be overestimating it’s unpleasantness. Just give it a try and you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not as unpleasant as you imagined!

I however came up with ways to deal with procrastination 

Step 1: Recognize That You’re Procrastinating 

If you  find yourself in a situation where you wait for the right mood and time to tackle a task, leaving stuff on a to do list for a long time,filling your day with low priority task or simply face booking and endless coffees, is a red flag indicator that you are indeed procrastinating.

Step 2: Work Out Why You’re Procrastinating

These can depend on both you and the task. But it’s important to understand which of the two is relevant in a given situation, in order to select the best approach to help you overcome your reluctance. psychologists have stated fear of success and failure, skill deficits, rebellion, lack of motivation, lack of discipline, failure to prioritize, perfectionism and pure laziness to be some of the possible causes.

Step 3: Adopt Anti-Procrastination Strategies

Procrastination is a habit – a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior. For something to even become a habit, you must have done it consecutively for 21 days!  Therefore you won’t just break it overnight. It comes to reason that to stop the habit you have to persistently stop practicing for twenty-one days after which you will have developed a habit of NOT procrastinating! the strategy that i came up with to help on this is to identify the consequences of not taking the task, change your thinking pattern by freeing yourself from mental barrier to achieve a goal, manage your time well, as it is of essence keep a to do list to identify what you have already covered.


I often make use of  Tony Robbins’ Pain and Pleasure Principle –  whereby you hold the unpleasant consequences of NOT doing the work at the front of your mind. Then of the pleasure it will give you, to know that completing the unpleasant task first leaves you with more time to do the things you enjoy the most! For example most people don’t like exercising and eating healthy meaning they associate it with (PAIN) but they must shift their attitudes towards eating healthy and exercising and associate it with the (PLEASURE) of having a healthier, nicer and trim figure and the benefits of being slimmer are for example, being fit and able to confidently strut your stuff in a bikini, feeling more comfortable in your own skin and being generally healthier.

In one of his quotes, Pablo Picasso says;
“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

Talk soon.


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