In The Pursuit of Happiness

Last Tuesday, I began the “counting my blessings one by one” in my Gratitude Journal, I’ve seen so much positive changes in my life. I’ve literally started attracting good things into my life.

One of the things I felt i should highlight as a continuation from my previous post on gratitude ; is that gratitude works hand in hand with happiness. To be honest, you cant be grateful if you are unhappy with your life, its not possible! Being happy comes as a result of you choosing to count your blessings one by one , giving life your best shot possible and accepting the things you have no control over. Its a choice of living your life with a “glass being half full as opposed to being half empty” mentality. For you to even begin to live life through those lenses, you have to first make a conscious decision that no one and nothing has the power to control your emotions and therefore no one and nothing has the power to steal your happiness from you.
You see, Hollywood movies, social media posts and reality shows have given us a distorted view of what happiness truly is. They have misled us to believe that money equals happiness but that’s not always true and neither am I suggesting that being poor makes one happy (because i believe there’s no happiness in struggling to make ends meet and trying to hold on to every last cent in your pocket).

In my understanding happiness is not at all aligned with material wealth or lack thereof, BUT its a state of mind and well being of your spirit. That said to be happy one first has to have a healthy spirit. That means being in a place of peace with God, without God the truth is that you will never be truly satisfied even if you acquired all the wealth money can buy. I guess that is why many Hollywood celebrities and reality stars that the world likes to be “Keeping Up With” on tv; they have bank accounts bigger than bank loans should allow, yet their lives seem to be a train wreck in motion and usually over -shadowed by scandals, drugs, divorce, depression, you name it…

I’ve also learn t that if you chase happiness it will elude you , rather you must focus on the good happening in your life and happiness will chase you. HOW?


1.    Have a strong personal relationship with God (not just religious routines). From that stance you’ll learn about God’s love and purpose for your life through His Word and personal fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That leads to you trusting God and knowing no matter what happens in your life, God loves you and has a bigger plan than you have for yourself. When you choose to consciously become thankful to God in ALL situations – that is Gratitude. The result is being happy knowing that life has seasons and every storm in your life will pass!

2.     Eliminate ALL negative people and energy from your life, dont feel bad about it. Remember that your accomplishments and progress in life are directly linked to the company you keep. If you hang around with negative people, they will definitely rub it off you making you eventually become discontent and unhappier with your life.

3.     Discover your talents and make an effort no matter how small, to develop them on a daily basis. This will make you happier because since we tend to be naturally good at the things we are talented in.  Therefore it will boost your self esteem and make you get a sense of purpose and accomplishment, resulting in a generally happier you. For instance I discovered I have a passion for writing and hence, the birth of this blog. I feel so good about it and find me with a notebook at every place I go. Even on the toilet seat! And that spices up my life.

4.     Be more organized by the cluttering and planning each and everyday in advance instead of just slumbering awkwardly through the day. This will simplify your life, help you manage your time and therefore decrease unnecessary stress levels.

5.     Count your blessings

6.     Get a regular secret getaway – this should be like your own little sanctuary where you can spend some quiet time alone to reflect, plan, meditate, strategies  without any disturbances. I personally love the serenity of libraries and book stores.

7.     Be kind and generous to someone you have nothing to benefit from- for me that beats them all. Some years ago, I met several incredible people who were so kind to me and gave me opportunities in life I otherwise would have never imagined possible. They had nothing to benefit from me but they still went out of their way to help me against all odds! I’ll never ever forget that. It also inspired me to do the same nomatter how small the act of kindness may seem just do it, it will make you happier

8.     Eat healthy, exercise regularly and get necessary sleep. Remember that too much sleep can easily translate to laziness! Only get necessary sleep to recharge your batteries (about 5-6 hours). Personally, as an upcoming career woman sleep is but a rum our and a luxury.  Too much sleep is for the weak, wake up dude life is passing you by; you’ll sleep enough when you die.

9.     Spend enough time with your loved ones; – never neglect your family and true friends in favor of making money or pursuing your career. Try to balance your life.

10. Continuously learn new things you’ll enjoy – it doesnt have to be classroom related type of learning or getting something major like an MBA. It can be anything that will challenge you and motivate you to look foward each day, like learning how to cook taking dancing lessons, learning a new sport (now this year, I want to learn a new exotic language like French … just keep your mind captivated and you’ll love the results.

Choose to be happy and positive today and you’ll see a big difference in your life.
Senting love and light to you all.


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