Have you ever hit rock bottom? Yes, I have and of course there were people waiting eagerly to celebrate my “fall”. Not to be conceited or anything. when I was extrmely young I did exceptionally well generally, anything I set myself to achieve did happen but as the years went by  I watched my world crumble down  in slow motion right before me.

PS: To hit rock bottom means different things to different individuals for others it’s a bitter end of a relationship, failure, injury, death of a loved one, retrenchment etc but for me, it means being at a point in your life when you are not sure if what you are doing and the way your life is heading is right for you.

Literally despite all my good efforts, things have seemed to not go my way, the more I try harder the deeper I sank in a pool of  quiet desperation and misery.

I have been questioning all that I’d ever thought to be right; my viewpoints, principles, qualms, choices and why in the past I didn’t execute certain strong aspirations I had, why I had immersed certain decisions and people into my life. Why I have succeeded in my younger years only to languish latter on in life. At this point the very structure of my life is twisted upside down and I have to review it in unrefined & unbiased facet.  incase you are wondering why I am writting all this, its because pen and paper are less judgmental.

The hardest element of being in this condition of rout is no longer the public humiliation or the pain or fret. Somewhat, the hardest part of that sentiment of trounce is the difficulty I allie with dreaming again and finding a new direction in my career while embracing lessons learnt in the past. I have to find A Beautiful Exchange into the future! 

It is from this position that I assess my life truthfully and became honest with myself. I redirect my energy and focus on the way I truly desire to live my life no matter how trivial it would seem to the onlookers. 

Although, I don’t believe in quitting without finishing my battles in life, I also believe a winner knows when to walk away with her dignity still intact. As God would have it, he worked in more mysterious ways just to push me out of some situation. And So I finally take a new lease of life, to evaluate who I am and what I truly want in life.

On a lighter note, some of the benefits of my life retreat have been:

 Finding out who my true friends are.

Discovering my true purpose and passion in life and having the courage to pursue them.

Setting new challenging goals that are the true essence of the human spirit that is me.

Embracing humility before God & people while being grateful for everything i have.

Refueling my energy on my passion of writing , hence the birth of this blog.

The 10 lessons I learnt by being in rock bottom;

1.       Money should never be a determining factor in my decisions ;its only a means of life.
2.      Making a living and making a life are completely different things and I choose the latter.
3.      Not to be narrow-minded but to open my eyes new opportunities in my career.
4.      Hitting rock bottom is the best place because from there I can’t go any lower the only way out is up! From the ground I  looked up with a fresh perception based on my rehabilitated sense of precision smiled at all the opportunities awaiting me to begin again.
5.      The best is yet to come, rock bottom only means I was headed the wrong direction & I needed to review my life understanding that I shouldn’t just settle for being good when I can be GREAT!
6.      Not to be hard on myself, even successful people we know today had to reach rock bottom at some point before finding their true purpose for instance author of Harry Potter books – J.K Rowling.
7.      I needed to understand my problem and figure my way out before climbing out of rock bottom
8.     I MUST get back up!Staying down is not an option BUT I should take baby steps and not bite more than I can chew in the name of “compensating for lost time”
9.      I learnt to let go of the past and as I emptied my cup, I’ve been able to refill it with substance that I truly yearn for instead of being compliant with what was unconsciously passed onto me by my previous state of affairs.
10.  When my world crumbles down, when mountains fall I’ll forever stand on my Rock of Ages – JESUS CHRIST.

That said, I don’t know what your rock bottom is or was. Maybe you took a leap of faith and hoped the results would be stunning but the wings you had hoped would emerge on the way down never grew and you fell painfully and hard on your face. My advice is forget the time you “wasted”. God works out all things for good and no experience is in vain. what you learnt in the past will somehow be vital in your future so do not despise it. Don’t sit idle and feel sorry for yourself. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, OWN IT!

In order to dream again, set your priorities in order. Otherwise you’ll be making the same mistakes but hoping for a change. If you decided to go back to school after failing, ask yourself what is more important to you, money or an all round fulfilling life. Would you rather be a rich CEO who hates his or her job with a passion or a wedding planner who doesn’t get paid as much but is very passionate about her job.  Would you rather work for someone or become an entrepreneur. Ask yourself what career you would rather spend your life doing if money were not any issue, then do it diligently and you’ll be surprised how much money you’ll make.  

Is it swimming, working with children, acting, farming, riding horses, playing football, baking, sewing, traveling, poetry etc. I don’t know but what ever it is; you must believe in yourself, in your tenacity & aptitude to make your dreams an actuality. There are no effortless methods to reclaim your self-assurance. Nevertheless, there are ways you can seize to restore yourself and future. The goal is to NOT help haters by also criticizing yourself or settling. This is a new beginning so let go of the past to make way for future which is indeed  a chance for A Beautiful exchange!


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