Has anyone ever sat in the shower? (I’m not talking about the standing we all normally do.) I’m talking, just simply sitting down in the waterless tub and running the shower. I tried it today, just for the sake of a new experience- out of impulse and curiosity, and it was very phenomenal. It was like sitting under the most pleasant waterfall, or the warmest most passionate rain storm!  Total change of perspective! For a minute I was transported to the foot of a waterfall in the beautiful rocky mountains of some heavenly land far away.. And now the experience has me thinking about all the angles of life we never get to appreciate because we’re stuck in a routine of fulfilling what we perceive to be obligations and following norms and not really experiencing the beauty of the things at our disposal. For the most part it seems we just never try and think outside of the little box we all live in. I hope I can open my eyes to even more beauties.. ‪#‎BreakingOut‬ ‪#‎Reflections‬ ‪#‎OutOfTheBox‬


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