lessons on the dawn of my 28th birthday

Pop!!! Goes… Well, the writer is back! and today I’m returning from my one-year break with a post that’s a little out of the ordinary. You see, it’s my birthday today. I’m officially twenty-eight, yes twenty-eight. That aside, this mean I will now be in my ‘late twenties’ Egad!!! And while birthdays elicit little in... Continue Reading →


Its my birthday today. Hurray!!!

Being that today is my birthday I have been playing a memory wheel of the past year in my head for the better part of yesterday. It’s amazing how many things can change in 365 days. I have learned so much about myself and  this year, not to mention how important it is to truly... Continue Reading →

Run Your Own Race

October is almost coming to a close. I know All of us may have different expectations, Yet one thing remains, although God is eager and ready to lead us through, our attitude certainly plays a big role in our fate. Will you be a pessimist who will live life in awareness of what went wrong... Continue Reading →

The Tale of a Procrastinator

Happy new week dream chasers! I believe we have all been working very hard by being proactive and setting our goals for the fourth quarter of the year. Call me a pessimist, but I suspect some of us may not have done that, due to procrastination. If you are a student, I can bet you... Continue Reading →

In The Pursuit of Happiness

Last Tuesday, I began the "counting my blessings one by one" in my Gratitude Journal, I've seen so much positive changes in my life. I've literally started attracting good things into my life. One of the things I felt i should highlight as a continuation from my previous post on gratitude ; is that gratitude works... Continue Reading →


ketray akoya

Last sunday, qatar airline made an open call interview for a cabin crew position. The interview was to be held at intercontinental hotel nairobi kenya. Now for the past, a friend of mine johnmark, who works in aviation industry kept telling me to try applying for the cabin crew job coz he believes I have the potential to be one judging by my character. Deep inside I was not for it coz after all I wanted to be an accountant somewhere in nairobi counting monies and auditing companies. I could turn down all the interview alerts that he informed Me in the past years, because I felt that was not my thing and he was just bothering me after all. Sorry to say this johnmark. This time round,
I thought it was a viable opportunity for me to try and toss my dice , going by the fact that the…

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Have you ever hit rock bottom? Yes, I have and of course there were people waiting eagerly to celebrate my “fall”. Not to be conceited or anything. when I was extrmely young I did exceptionally well generally, anything I set myself to achieve did happen but as the years went by  I watched my world... Continue Reading →


Hello dream-chasers! We have just come to the end of easter celebrations and to me, it was an exceptional one, considering the fact that I got to understand in deeper, the meaning of "old rugged cross" and the frustrations, shame and pain one underwent through while on that rugged cross. I tell you the roman... Continue Reading →

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